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3D Magic Potion is an all natural ingredient, chemical free hair oil.  It promotes hair growth,  thickness, strength, moisturizes ,revives natural curl pattern and gives shine.  Good for manageability, dry scalp ,cradle cap and alopecia.  

Welcome to 3D Magic Potions. Our great selection of products will cover all of your needs, whatever and wherever they may be. Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact our customer service with questions or comments.

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The Story of 3D Magic Potions

Best in the Business

Hello my name is Delisha Dunlap, the inventor of 3D Magic Potion. 3D Magic Potions contain ingredients that were researched by me. Having a mother as a beautician really helped when it came to mixing different all natural plant based products. My mother knew as well as I knew what plants had the ability to provide the nutrients needed for different textures of hair. My goal was to make an all natural good quality product that is meant deal with issues with hair. I accomplished my goal of creating an oil that has a multi use. Going forward I will continue to research to add new products to the line . 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

All sales are final 

Do you offer discounts? 

Yes. When applicable, they will be listed on the website. 

How do I use the oil?

Apply the oil as needed. I usually recommend daily use for the oil & hair butter depending on the texture of your hair. Beard oil should be applied before or after showering .

When will I start to see results? 

This is not a healing capability. Some people start to see results within two to three weeks. 

About 3D Magic Hair Potion

Ever craved something so natural with NO chemicals involved? You’ve come to the right place! 3D Magic Potion are all chemical/preservative free. These are all natural products that promotes hair growth, strength, thickness, and shine. This potion provides manageability and is really good for dry scalp and cradle cap. These products keep the hair moisturized throughout the day . Our 3D Magic hair oil can be used as a hot oil treatment. These products have multiple uses. Go 3D & Never Go Back!

Does This Product Contain Nuts ? 

Yes, but if you email me i can custom make you an oil without any nuts. 


Please be aware that these products are natural but if you have major health issues, it could possibly flare them up . These products contain treenuts, rosemary, eucalyptus , hibiscus, and other all natural plants. If you start to experience high/low blood pressure, hives, vomiting, headache, nausea, ringing in ear please discontinue using products. 3D Magic Products are all natural plant based products. Under no circumstances shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of using our products or any reliance on the information provided on our site and product. Your use of the site and our product and your reliance of it is solely at your own risk. All information is provided in good faith. However we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied regarding the accuracy, adequacy or reliability. Thank you for trusting in us & our products

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What Our Customers Say

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Zariya had gotten all her hair cut off June 23, 2020.  August 1, 2020 is updated the picture on the right. 

2 months difference 


This babies hair wouldn’t grow for anything in the world . 3 weeks into using 3D Magic & BOOM ! No more scalp showing 

3 Weeks Difference 


This Baby was 3 Months When His Mother Couldn’t find Any Product To Help His Cradle Cap. She then Bought 3D Magic Potions To Help. 3 Weeks After Beginning Use of 3D Magic, Babies Cradle Cap Is completely GONE . 



Client stated “I started comparing the growth in November .. My hair was stuck like the bald picture until March I went to Paris & she stated using 3D on my hair every time she braided it then my mom & me went and got our own and I use it with every braid down .. so the first picture is from March 2, 2020 is from November 2, 2020 & my big puff (bottom picture) is from two weeks ago (2/15/2021) you grew my hair back in a year after my big chop in 2019”

1 year difference 


He’s been struggling with moisture & growth. He started using 3D Magic potion & seen an huge difference two weeks later. The third picture on the right is an update of 5 months usage. 

Two Weeks Difference


Nothing helped fill in these spots. This client was finally introduced to 3D Magic & 4 months later she has no more bald spot! She is completely satisfied with her results 

4 Months Of Usage 


This Baby Has Been Using Kid 3D Magic Potion For One Year. These Are Her Before & After Pictures. 

One Year 


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4 Months Difference 


This Client Has Alopecia & Couldn’t Find Anything to Help Grow Her Hair Back

8 Week Difference 



How Did We Do?

My main focus is to give you guys the product you’re looking for. I would like to try to help with whatever hair problem you’re having. It would be greatly appreciated of you guys to leave your reviews and your results. 

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